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"Since training with Mark I have seen amazing results, he makes workouts fun whilst helping me to achieve my goals.

- Nikki Grudeon

"Unlike other trainers he actually cares. I'd recommend anyone to train with him."

- John Lloyd

"When I first started training I was a size 24 and therefore very self-conscious, but from the beginning Mark made me believe I could be the best I could be and gave me nothing but confidence in myself."

- Jo Bradbury

"Mark is a really fun guy, and has a great sense of humour. He is always happy and I always feel that he genuinely wants me to enjoy my training!"

-Stacey McDevitt

Never have to diet again

What people are saying about Nutrition Coaching

"I've dropped over 7% body fat in 8 weeks and feel awesome"

- Ollie Trimby

"For the first time in years I feel comfortable in a bikini.

I'm so much happier"

- Sharon Henderson

"It's hard to know what to eat and when. I've tried so many diets and never got the results I wanted.

With Marks help I've lost a total of 40 inches around my body"

- Chris Bridges

"Finally I understand why I've never lost weight. I've learnt so much doing the programme"

- Amy Keats